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Overview of Vietnam's Logistics Services

Basically, Logistics service is a chain of many activities revolving around products such as: packing, packaging, storage, warehousing, preservation, transportation and disribution, etc. In Vietnam, the potential in developing logistics services is enormous with advantages as the increase of international trade exchange and an ideal of geographical location. In near future, logistics services could be an important economic sector, which may contribute up to 15% of the country's GDP.

Logistics trend

Digitalization is the process of applying new technology solutions together with other resources to redesign supply chain processes in order to satisfy greater customer needs and achieve higher revenue. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key position as a highly applicable technology solution that helps companies monitor inventory, warehouse management, and freight routes optimization.

Self-driving vehicles are the concept of applying AI technology to vehicles, from trucks to last-mile transport robots. In future, these vehicles will be optimized in common spaces (e.g. highways, city roads) to optimize logistics activities and increase safety.

Big data in logistics will help businesses make informed investment decisions to upgrade in a timely manner.

Artificial Intelligence

Has contributed to simplifying the way logistics service providers operate. Nowadays, the concept of AI robots and automation is also widely deployed in the supply chain as assisting workers with repetitive tasks and physically challenging jobs.

Safety logistics for protecting customers' personal data and eliminating cybersecurity concerns is one of the top priorities. Besides, logistics companies must also pay attention to the loss and damage of goods, and data theft.

Cloud technique in logistics platform

Will help Logistics service providers to activate or deactivate customized services based on your needs (using pay-per-use method). This allows service providers to scale up their models with less costs in developing, setting up, and maintaining their own IT infrastructure.


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