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Pharmaceutical Industry nowadays is the most demanding profession in terms of precision in process and production timing. With an annual growth rate approximately from 3 to 6% and the increasing need for medical care of the citizen due to the aging rate of the population pyramid, the industry is predicted to be in top 20 countries of the strongest and most stable growth in the world. Hence, this might be great opportunities and also challenges for investors in Vietnam in the trendy of Pharma 4.0

In short, optimizing production productivity with more modern and advanced equipment will need an experienced execution partner in surveying, consulting, deployment, construction, monitoring and accompany with the factory to ensure the best performance.

Pharmaceutical Industry trend

Artificial intelligence

Can increase operational efficiency and provide trustful insights throughout the production process. Some recommended cases which use artificial intelligence such as predicting medical records and recommending the next action(s), as well as providing those support programs to help patients navigate their health journey. Artificial intelligence could be applied in almost every part of the pharmaceutical industry as an important part of the drug development process.

Can shorten the production cycle and some costs relating to the production process, thereby making the process more efficient. In case the factories successfully apply the technology, the advantage of cooperation will also show many positive signs to create unique selling points (USPs) for increasing competitiveness in the future.


Can provide every details of business and scientific insights in R&D, manufacturing and commercial activities. Consolidated and standardized data reduces complexity and inefficiencies, then speeds up the R&D operations to optimize clinical trials and achieve outcomes.

By conducting through computer simulations equivalent to clinical trials, which completely avoids animal testing and adverse reactions in humans and animals while being tested. This will be a hopeful medical step to help better understand drug reactions, predict outcomes early and discover new drug indications.

is able to accelerate limb mobility by moving heavy loads and enduring long hours standing or other uncomfortable positions.


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