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Overview of Vietnam's Chemical Industry

One of the essential reasons that turns Chemical Industry to be almost a mainstream industry for any economy in the world is the variety of products and input materials for all technical & production sectors, then easily exploit natural resources (minerals, oil and gas, necessities, general products and even industrial-agricultural waste).

In Vietnam, we use approximately 9 million tons of chemicals every year. However, compared with developed countries in Southeast Asia, our production capacity still shows some limitations. The main reasons might come from outdated technology, lack of safety equipment, ineffective treatment of toxic substances and low labor productivity!

Chemical Industry trend

Means applying full automated production system by machines or with a part of the system management to be controlled and monitored by human being. In Vietnam, the level of technical machinery system has just been reached the above average compared to other countries in the region, hence showing low productivity and outputs. Vietnamese enterprises should focus on studying and developing some automated hi-tech factory models to improve the situation.

Is currently leading in the major industries, especially chemical technology. This trend will support chemical companies update critical data, thereby achieving the desired output at a lower cost. Besides, scheduling a preventive maintenance to minimize downtime and enhace facilitate accurate inventory planning to prevent out of stock is also the strength of this technology.

The solutions of

Can collect real-time data on process parameters, inventory status, product quality, production costs, labor safety, etc. With the advanced capability, a large amount of data could be applied together with sophisticated algorithms to simulate, predict and estimate maintenance periods for machinery systems thence help optimize operation timing, improve operational performance, and prolong service life.

Always goes in parralell with the the chemical industry activities because some areas of this technology especially from the essential chemicals that underlie its mechanisms and phenomena. Nanotechnology is known as the next industrial revolution, which is a key technology of the 21st century helps produce high quality products at a very low cost.


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