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Vision Barcode Solution

Is a useful solution for reading and checking the quality of printed or engraved barcodes on product packaging and surface through specialized equipment such as industrial cameras and software.

Relating to structural operational structure, barcodes printed on the product are scanned and identified through industrial cameras and fixed/ handheld scanners. Next, a read-and-process-images software decodes all data contained in the scanned barcode and transfers it to a connected computer. Thence, the software will analyze information, decode and provide corresponding data of products or goods that need to be checked accurately to ensure that these barcodes meet the set quality standards.

The advantages of Vision Barcode Solution can be listed as:

- The rate of industrial barcode reading is up to 99% accurate, applying on a variety of materials such as paper, iron box, bottle, carton, etc.

- Ability to check 1D / 2D barcode content of objects on all materials and surfaces.

đọc mã vạch
đọc mã vạch

- Ensuring data consistency throughout the production process.

- Ensuring high accuracy of barcode content.

- Quality inspection of 1D barcodes, 2D matrix codes and postcodes.

- A strict track and trace process from mixing ingredients, filling to packaging.

- Cost-saving for management and labor.


- Flexible design which is suitable for all sizes of manufacturing plants, lighting conditions and production goals of each business via several 3D Vision Inspection solutions that New Ocean is providing below:

đọc kiểm tra mã vạch
kiểm tra mã vạch
kiểm tra mã vạch

- Hệ thống đọc mã vạch từ New Ocean sử dụng công nghệ xử lý ảnh. Để đọc các loại mã vạch 1D/ 2D/ DPM trên dây chuyền sản xuất tốc độ cao

- Xác định mã vạch được in tại vị trí/ hướng bất kỳ

- Loại trừ mã vạch bị in kém chất lượng; và có thể đọc nhiều mã vạch cùng lúc. Trong trường hợp phát hiện sai mã vạch, hệ thống của chúng tôi sẽ báo cáo/ cảnh báo đến người vận hành ngay lập tức.

- Depending on your budget and current production conditions, our vision barcode system can use a variety of industrial cameras while ensuring barcode reading criteria.

Solution for reading and checking barcodes

- New Ocean's bar code identification and verification solution package are flexibly designed and suitable for lighting conditions, factory size and production goals of each business. The solution is integrated with hardware devices and software programs, pre-programmed and easy to use, fully satisfies the barcode quality inspection standards of each specific manufacturing industry.

- The product life is highly guaranteed going with 24/7 warranty and maintenance services from our highly-skilled engineers. Cooperating with us, not only You can be comfortable about the efficient and stable operation of the system, but also proactively control Your automatic technology at Your manufacturing plant.

- We support consulting, repairing and replacing new devices with reasonable costs, which could save Your Business’ labor costs and optimize production efficiency.