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Volume & size check solution

Is simply defined as some systems implemented to check the mass or size of a product automatically in order to ensure that the manufactured product can satisfy the quality or specifications as required.

By analyzing images captured via one or some industrial cameras or figures from automatic scales consolidating on the production line, the system can detect errors on products (e.g.: incorrect dimensions, insufficient volume or differential product fill level) with high precision, even when the product is moving at fast speed. This task is an essential benefit that humans cannot complete.

Structural system

Basically, Volume & size check systems include some components such as:

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- Industrial cameras and lens or scale devices to capture images and measure product’s weight.

- Lighting equipment helps clarify some specifications needed to be checked and remove unnecessary components in order to capture the best image quality (only applying for dimensional control systems).

- Image processor and processing algorithm are programmed according to the requirements of each application, which can be used to detect errors, measure dimensions, recognize characters, etc.

- Structuring product type and alerting detected product. This structure depends on the production line (can be pickers robot, lever, pneumatic pushers, ...)

The advantages of Volume & Size check solutions can be listed as:

- Ensuring extremely high accuracy with computer super-fast processing speed. The system will evaluate and report the results immediately whether the product meets the specifications or not, e.g.: missing, residual mass or size, or fill level error.

- Minimizing the risk of recall and reproduction of finished products, as well as litigation and reimbursement if the product is not in good quality or manufacturing defect. The consequences can be very costly and may hurt the reputation of your business.

- Storing and extracting information easily, thereby helping managers figure out problems that cause the errors in production line and fix it as soon as possible.

- Minimizing risk in mixing stage with automatic weighing and computer management for measuring ingredients, managers can make sure that the correct mixing ratio of ingredients.

- Cost-saving for operation and production process optimization by allocating the lowest of manpower, reducing test time & speeding up production processes, optimizing production lines and simplifying fault detection product.

- Gaining customers and partners’ trust, loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing effects.


- Flexible design which is suitable for all sizes of manufacturing plants, lighting conditions and production goals of each business via several Volume & size check solutions that New Ocean is providing below:

  • Check Weigher
  • Component Measuring

+ Automotive parts

+ Electronic parts

+ Packaging

  • 3D Measuring
  • Filling Inspection
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- The systems are easy to be reorganized or added new devices.

- The integration of hardware and software is extremely optimized to smoothly monitor and connect to the control process, which causes an easier installation and usage.

- Ensuring system results’ absolute accuracy.

- The product life is highly guaranteed going with 24/7 warranty and maintenance services from our highly-skilled engineers. Cooperating with us, not only You can be comfortable about the efficient and stable operation of the system, but also proactively control Your automatic technology at Your manufacturing plant.

- We support consulting, repairing and replacing new devices with reasonable costs, which could save Your Business’ labor costs and optimize production efficiency.