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3D vision inspection

defined as the usage one or more cameras to determine the shape of an object in 3D dimensions to create a digital model. The outstanding features of the 3D Visual Inspection solution can be listed as:

- Checking the height, depth and details or changes on the product's surface.

- Accurately measuring object shapes, holes, angles and curves in the fastest time. Also detecting all defects or assembly defects on the object’s surface immediately.

- Quality control and verification based on 3D CAD model.

- Guiding the robot and tracking details such as welds, glue marks, grinding marks, .. on the surface of objects.

Structural system

Basically, 2D Vision Inspection systems are specially designed following different production purposes but still include some components such as:

- 3D sensor and optical system

- Operational Pointing device & Vision system

The differences between 2D and 3D Vision Inspection technology

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- Flexible design which is suitable for all sizes of manufacturing plants, lighting conditions and production goals of each business via several 2D Vision Inspection solutions that New Ocean is providing below:

ngoại quan 3D
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- Checking and detecting errors immediately

- The systems are easy to be reorganized or added new devices.

- The 3D color chart updates sharp results, accuracy in resolution and measurement results, saving labor costs as well as minimizing the risk of recovering finished products brought to the market, supporting Businesses to preserve brand reputation and product quality, and also increase the reputation with consumers.

- Allowing to measure at important positions, limiting errors to ensure the unity of shape and size of all products. Furthermore, the solution also helps identify potential problems/ risks.

- The ability to store large data, extract and create an overview report easily, creating favorable conditions for efficient management.

- The product life is highly guaranteed going with 24/7 warranty and maintenance services from our highly-skilled engineers.

- We support consulting, repairing and replacing new devices with reasonable costs, which could save Your Business’ labor costs and optimize production efficiency.