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Blood Donation 2014

Blood donation does not affect the health, and even have some positive effects on the body certain of blood donors. Donated blood will be able to quickly regenerate muscle serve cyclic process. Donating blood does not take much time and effort but is necessary for society. With the lofty humanitarian significance on, New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions has joined the Blood Donation in 2014 and give blood for those patients. 

                                  Mr Tran Dang Ninh apply the registration 

Our staff and managers photos

                                Mr Truong Trieu Thuan and Mr Ngo The Tam with engineers team

                                  Mr Truong Trieu Thuan and Mr Ngo The Tam 

                                  New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions and nurse team

New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions appreciate your joint and contribution to the blood donation in 2014. we hope to receive your participation in the next campaign.