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  • 3/27/2015

Possess the wide range of leading partners, New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions bring customers the product knowledge. We create the value through supply chain management from various partners in reducing the lead time in project management. New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions take efforts to be awarded as system integrator and cooperate with many partners in Europe and around the world. Partner's recognition and support help us develop the most quality system to satisfy our customers in improving the system integration.


Control system integrators design and implement sophisticated control system for manufacturing, process and other industrial facilities. Using their knowledge of automation programming, engineering, information technology and business, System Integrator (SI) integrate plant equipment to automate manufacturing from the plant floor to enterprize level. New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions has implemented the CSIA practice to bring customers more competitive advantage


New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions has chosen and etablish cooperation with leading automation provider in the world, including:

  • Wonderware Invensys

  • Cognex Corporation

  • Rockwell Automation

  • Mitsubishi Electric