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The electronics industry is responsible for providing microchips and electronic components for manufacturing complex products and daily-life products. In the industry 4.0, this is the key point of the electronics industry, which plays an important role in determining the cost of finished products using microchips. Some experts state that Vietnam is having an opportunity to strongly develop the semiconductor and sensor industry. A plenty of foreign semiconductor and electronics corporations have been setting up headquarters and manufacturing plants in Vietnam such as Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, and LG.

Nevertheless, Vietnam's semiconductor industry in general has just begun with unsynchronized research and development activities. To find a solution of balancing product quality and optimizing production costs, businesses must invest in automated production lines and continuously update and improve technology to improve product quality.

Electronics Industry trend

With the development of society, the work of modernizing production in order to improve labor productivity is a very necessary need. Show this, everyone is aiming for automation. The work of setting up automatic control systems is the job of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Industry development solutions

Will be enhanced to reduce costs, create new products, increase efficiency and improve safety. From there, businesses can make informed decisions based on real-time information, hence have more effective short- and long-term decisions.


The advancement of 3D printing technology (3D printing) will allow humans to quickly fix problems. Helps speed up the prototyping process. As a result, the risk of defective products being mass-produced is eliminated. Save production costs and maximize the production capacity of finished products.

The trend of using Virtual Reality in production is often referred to as design, simulation and digital integration. Allows testing of design objects of all sizes imaginable. To eliminate defects in the product during the design phase. Virtual reality technology is increasingly being applied by electronics manufacturing companies. With the aim to improve production efficiency.

For forecasting is one of the top priorities to improve manufacturing efficiency and productivity. This trend will also replace human being in performing less secure tasks, reducing potential risks and saving production costs.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is making essential waves in the electronics industry with its innovations in speech recognition, prediction technology, and big data analytics. It continuously opens up new market opportunities for technology companies by tightly incorporating with every part of IoT technology such as wearables and smart devices.


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