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Overview of Food & Beverages

Similar to other key industries, F&B industry in Vietnam shows many potentials and opportunities. The abundance of agricultural products and the source of raw materials for producing food & beverage are advantages for businesses in the industry to diversify types to satisfy continuously demanding of consumer.

Food & Beverages Industry trend

The trend of increasing trust, true values and true stories about products & corporate brands from consumers has started from the origin and story of products. With this trendy increasing trust, businesses/brands might be judged by their honesty in providing transparent information and easy level of information retrieval.

Solutions for the food and beverage industry

Using Big data and Artificial intelligence has a great potential in personalization from collected data, data sharing and automation. Hence, the product could meet the different nutritional needs and preferences of each individual combining with the advancement and popularity of health monitoring devices. This is a rather unique direction and might become one of the strongest trend in the future.

Applying Data Analytics to meet the food trend’ demands can support the product development, improve manufacturing processes, and also improve food inspection. For F&B manufacturers, using data analysis tools such like the Design of Experiments helps bring the products to market(s) faster and increase the market success with updated recipes based on statistical comparison.

+ Commitment to environmental sustainability sẽ là hướng đi mới giúp giải quyết bài toán dân số tăng. Cách để sử dụng đúng mực nguồn nguyên liệu thô từ thiên nhiên. Điều này có nghĩa là việc tối ưu hóa tiêu thụ năng lượng và nước là vô cùng quan trọng. Vừa hạn chế tác động đến môi trường và còn đảm bảo các hoạt động trong tương lai.

Digital energy management

The solutions of Digital energy managemen will allow users to correlate energy data with production and processing information into metrics and KPIs, thence operators could make optimal adjustments to improve energy efficiency. As a result, profits will be better improved because of lower the energy cost - one of the highest costs in F&B production.


Product inspection solutions

giải pháp kiểm tra lỗi sản phẩm
giải pháp kiểm tra lỗi sản phẩm

Manufacture management solutions

giải pháp ngành sản xuất thực phẩm đồ uống
giải pháp cho ngành thực phẩm đồ uống