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The link between humans and Cobot is getting tighter and tighter, because the need for Cobots to replace humans is increasing in the future, when the development of technology has contributed to an increase in the number of jobs that cobots replace. People.

With the purpose of helping people do heavy and repetitive jobs. Collaborative robots are increasingly empowering humans, allowing engineering workers to spend their time doing more valuable work instead.


Here are five ways that cobots help people do their jobs more efficiently across industries.

1. Cobot Eliminates boring, monotonous jobs

Engineers will have more time to invest in harder, more valuable jobs that give businesses a competitive edge over competitors while boring repetitive tasks get done by cobots.

A good example is BMW Group within 2 years of implementing cobots in its production line has achieved outstanding efficiency. The company removed 50% of heavy lifting from their assembly lines by using Cobots as a substitute for human labor. Workers will no longer have to do manual work, instead they will do higher-value jobs such as research and development, problem-solving, etc. Besides, according to research, human People tasked with working alongside cobots experience less fatigue, which allows them to remain more productive for longer periods of time.

2. Raise safety standards

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Since the machines never get tired or lose focus, they won't cause any harm to humans so safety standards are greatly improved.

Businesses that use cobots in their work lines have reported a significant reduction in incidents in their workplaces, strengthening their reputation as a safe place to work worker.

3. Improve efficiency level

The problem that any business faces is the downtime of the production line. A production line stops production due to many different factors such as damaged components, malfunctioning machines, etc. Therefore, it will lead to increased costs, reduced revenue, affecting the profit of the organization. But with Cobots it is completely avoidable since they do not need to rest.

Cobots are programmed to monitor the production line and will send alerts when any problems occur during operation. When something goes wrong, workers just need to take over the job while the robot continues to do the job and will return to work after the problem has been fixed. As a result, the efficiency of the assembly line will improve and productivity will increase.

4. Cobot Quality Improvement

Unlike humans who can get bored, tired and distracted from time to time. Collaborative robots are programmed to monitor the quality of every job, every product they make. When a component in the cobot fails, it automatically alerts the operator and will stop the entire production line until the problem is resolved.

Businesses will reduce costs due to defective products, no need for employees to rework products as well as re-supply defective materials, and costs to handle defective products. This saves time and costs for businesses, besides reducing the amount of waste generated from defective products, helping to protect the environment.

5. Create opportunities for people to do other more useful things

The application of cobots to the operation process does not mean that people will lose their jobs, but instead gives people more time to invest in more valuable, more skilled jobs, helping retain workers and engineers in the workplace. In addition, businesses will feel more secure when their workers do not have to face dangers in the process of working.

Besides, businesses using cobots will enjoy better working conditions because the machines already do all the heavy lifting. Collaborative robots offer benefits far beyond improving human safety. The arrival of Cobot has empowered people in many ways, allowing businesses to maintain their workforce while improving efficiency and productivity.

robot cộng tác

Cobots in industrial production

Cobots are applied in many different industries to help improve production levels and help workers work more efficiently. In addition, collaborative robots help reduce the number and severity of injuries at factories. Helping each business increase profits without harming employees, helping them to spend time on other, more suitable jobs.

Cobots are changing the process of automating production and, more importantly, providing people with a safer working environment.

New Ocean helps your business succeed in the industrial manufacturing industry through the application of Collaborative Robots. Helping each business be more flexible in developing and operating their organization.