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Industrial Revolution 5.0 has been talked about a lot in the manufacturing industry in recent years. Towards the development of the social factory in a completely new and superior way.

So what is industrial revolution 5.0? Let's find out!

Society 5.0

Society 5.0 is a concept originating from Japan called Society 5.0, which is understood as a smarter society, creating a comprehensive and sustainable social system. Therefore, the border between virtual space and physical space fades, along with people's way of life completely changes.

If before the society 4.0 , the collected data will be analyzed by humans. As for the upcoming 5.0 technology, people, things, and systems are connected to each other in virtual space, super intelligent thanks to digital factors such as artificial intelligence (AI), nature, etc. automation (Robot), IoT (Internet of Things), big data analysis (Big Data).

Cách mạng Công nghiệp 5.0

Concept of Industrial Revolution 5.0

Industry 5.0 refers to the interaction between humans and machines. The Industrial Revolution 5.0 will reduce the emphasis on technology and machines, and focus on developing improved human-machine interaction.

In the past, robots have replaced humans in dangerous, physically demanding jobs, such as welding steel frames in factories or loading and unloading heavy materials in warehouses. With the industrial revolution 5.0 has created a wonderful combination of limitless human creativity with the absolute level of machine precision.

Industry Characteristics 5.0

Industry 5.0 aims to support not replace people

With the strong development of the industrial revolution, Robots and artificial intelligence gradually replace the human position in the factory, which shows that humans are competing in some jobs.

Although robots are more consistent than humans and they work more precisely, adaptability and flexibility as well as thinking cannot surpass human minds.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review report, about 20%-80% of jobs can be replaced by machines, but no job can be 100% automated. Therefore, with future development, Robots will not be able to completely replace humans.

In the industrial era 5.0, people will take up labor positions that bring added labor value based on creativity and in the management of Robot systems in production lines with the support of Cobot in digital transformation.

The balance between efficiency and productivity

Connecting machines, processes and systems to optimize factory performance is the goal of Industry 4.0. But with the Industrial Revolution 5.0, there will be a development in production thinking, when each factory not only optimizes productivity but also creates high efficiency. Thus, achieving such a goal requires fine-tuning the interactions between humans and machines.

The workers of the future are the ones who bring added value in the product. Therefore, it requires them to have professional knowledge, work capacity, creativity, .. Because for boring, repetitive or dangerous jobs, Robot & Cobot will replace humans. people who do those jobs.

The Industrial Revolution 5.0 is inevitable

Industrial Revolution 5.0 is inevitable, according to many experts who have confirmed that the definite timeline for Industrial Revolution 5.0 is very close: 2035 or earlier. Currently, countries are also accelerating the development of technologies such as Industrial IoT (Industrial Internet Of Thing), big data analysis, cloud computing technology, Robotics application or artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning. (Machine Learning).. to create its own development advantage.

cách mạng công nghiệp 5.0
Industrial Revolution 5.0

The importance of the era of the Industrial Revolution 5.0

Industry 5.0 not only targets efficiency and productivity, but also strengthens industry's contribution to society. In this era, businesses will gradually move to a production model where they can deliver more goods, faster at optimal costs and without much human intervention.

Many countries have actively participated in the industrial revolution to create more development advantages in the market. Therefore, if the company does not change its paradigm through the Industrial Revolution 5.0, it will soon become obsolete, unable to benefit from the revolution. Not stopping there, the speed of technology development is increasing rapidly and shows the emergence of new models that are constantly evolving. Therefore, every business needs to prepare for future changes and actively participate in the Industrial Revolution 5.0.

Cách mạng Công nghiệp 5.0
Industrial Revolution 5.0

Benefits of the Industrial Revolution

Cost Optimization

The society 5.0 allows production and business activities to take place more efficiently and flexibly, reducing errors and geographical restrictions, optimizing operating and material costs, helping to improve improve the efficient operation of machinery and labor resources.

Creative personalization

With the strong development of the 5.0 era, we can take advantage of the potential of technology to develop with the purpose of personalization. Industry 4.0 allows workers to free themselves from some repetitive work, thereby focusing on other strategies, applying their creativity.

Environmental friendliness

According to the European Commission, the main goals of Industry 5.0 are sustainability, people-centred and resilience. This has led to the introduction of sustainability policies, as waste reduction and management become essential processes that make the organization more efficient.

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