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Beverage manufacturing industry

công nghệ ECA trong sản xuất nước giải khát

With a dollar rate industry like the beverage industry, the top priority is to create consistent quality. In food and beverage processing, water is the main ingredient, so water quality should be of the highest possible standard. Under normal conditions, water and other components are filtered several times before use, the process is effective, but other sources of microbial contamination remain. If not taken care of this can lead to contamination and damage to the manufactured product.

Thanks to the use of cleaning solutions using ECA technology in water plants, the results show:

  • Production time and overall operational efficiency increase due to CIP and minimize downtime, saving time up to 70%.
  • The replacement of common chemicals with natural ECA cleaning solutions helps to save as well as reduce the amount of chemicals in the product by up to 90%.
  • ECA technology will not affect the taste, color or appearance of processed products. Offers a proven design solution for existing or new cleaning in place (CIP) systems.
  • Safe for workers and the environment, from reducing the amount of CIP will significantly lead to the production of hazardous wastewater.

Application in processing plant

It is important for the factory that the output of the product is of high quality. In very busy milling environments, tight, effective microbiological control is required. This is very important for product quality. If an effective sterilization process is applied, factories run the risk of creating lower-grade, low-standard products that do not meet the requirements set forth by the business, resulting in a lower selling price.

Outstanding features of ECA technology for machines

  • Effective decontamination of coarse grain at conditioning stage
  • There will be no more residual or contaminated product
  • Significantly extend the shelf life of final milled products
  • Effective control of other spoilage bacteria

Meat processing

Quality and compliance in the manufacturing process are important. This affects perishable products so it is essential to ensure optimum quality and prolong shelf life.

Cleaning solutions using ECA technology have been shown to be up to 99% effective in reducing the number of microorganisms. The residual microbiological activity of ECA after application will also control the accumulation of microorganisms and limit contamination.

Meat products treated with ECA technology will ensure freshness and reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses. This is a concern for consumers.

Besides, the application of ECA products will help:

  • Eliminate spoilage microorganisms
  • Extend the use time
  • Product surface decontamination
  • Food safety compliance

Starch production

This is considered a complex and chemical-intensive process. Therefore, low levels of microbial contamination and minimal chemical residues are required during the processing of compounds. To produce starch at the highest level of efficiency requires manufacturers to ensure a perfect process, avoiding exposure to contamination.

Công nghệ ECA trong sản xuất tinh bột

The ECA system benefits the starch industry:

  • Integrated for on-site cleaning time
  • Improved guarantee of pharmaceutical starch production
  • Reduce harmful chemicals
  • Reduce plant downtime with extended production run times.

Production of sauces

In a manufacturing plant, water is of prime importance as it is one of the key ingredients in the manufacturing process.

ECA benefits dipping sauce producers

  • Decontamination of water during treatment
  • Extended shelf life for products that do not contain preservatives
  • Reduce Preservatives
  • Disinfect product surface

Seafood processing industry

The concern of seafood processors is the shelf life and spoilage of seafood. Through each treatment process, seawater gradually becomes dirty, so microorganisms can easily multiply. Solutions using ECA technology eliminate and control all disease-causing organisms, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

ECA benefits seafood processing industry

  • Increase usage time
  • Addition of packed ice prolongs shelf life of fresh produce
  • Environmental odor control

With many applications in the use of ECA technology, thanks to the fact that it is an easy to use safe solution on food and in the food environment, it is non-toxic and safe for the treatment of water used in homes. food and beverage machines, produced on-site for factories, without residue or contamination.

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