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The explosion of online shopping has presented the logistics industry with a great challenge in meeting consumer demand. The automatic sorting line is playing an important role in shipping distribution as it can improve sorting efficiency and reduce labor cost.

1. What is an automatic classification system?

The automatic sorting system is an industrial solution that replaces humans performing the product sorting stages. From manual implementation to the use of automated systems to divide products according to the characteristics specified by the user.

The normal classification is based on the source of information from the barcode attached to the product, when retrieving data from the server, it will give information corresponding to a predefined address.

2. Advantages of automatic sorting system

Thanks to the introduction of automatic sorting line system into use, businesses have had a competitive advantage. Maximize parcel sorting. Increase automation, create a professional working environment. Reduce the error rate in the sorting process to ensure the continuous operation of the process.

The automatic sorting system includes devices for data extraction (barcode information, weight, size, ..) from products and a product division system. Will go to each specific address according to a program that has been installed according to the needs of each customer.

Design optimization: Depending on each criterion of output, installation space, workshop area. To select the appropriate classification technology.

Long-term benefits: In the current industry 4.0 era. The application of automatic classification solution is an inevitable trend. Help free up labor, improve productivity, improve accuracy. Thereby improving management capacity for distribution centers of all industries.

3. Some popular product classification lines today

Barcode sorting line

dây chuyền phần loại tự động theo mã vạch

Automatic classification by barcode is commonly used today. This line is used to sort packages, parcels, finished products. They have been packed in cartons, packed in bags and pasted with barcodes and QR codes.

Line of product sorting by mass

Is a product sizing system with a wide range of applications. Follow the principle of mass check. After that, each size will be divided according to the required weight.

dây chuyền phân loại tự động theo khối lượng

Line of product sorting by color

Thanks to the product inspection camera and automatic image processing vision technology. Sorted products by color correctly. At the same time increase productivity.

Line of product sorting by size

dây chuyền phân loại tự động theo kích thước

Is an automatic classification system for goods products on the basis of size. Automatic control size sorting machine. High precision, stable operation, suitable for a variety of products.

In logistics, packages are packed in boxes with weights. As well as different colors and sizes. They are easily classified thanks to a classification system that applies an intelligent classification algorithm.

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