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Chemical industry plays an important role in most industrial activities in particular and socio-economic in general. Specific chemicals can be dangerous to the environment and people. Due to the toxicity and flammability during storage and transportation. Therefore, bringing automated warehouse solutions into the storage and distribution process is a top priority in the chemical industry.

In the chemical industry, the application of automated warehouse solutions helps people avoid dangerous jobs. It also reduces the risk of human error. Adopts consistent automation system.

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Reasons to apply automated warehouse solutions in the chemical industry

For businesses that do not use these technologies. Giving businesses access to new chemical products can take years instead of weeks, and may result in falling behind competitors. Companies adopt automation. Implementation of solutions will gain the greatest advantage. Enable them to operate faster, save money. Fully compliant with the requirements of the chemical industry.

As technology advances, automation is expanding. Shows the potential to transform processes and improve performance. Chemical companies have been integrating automation into specific processes such as drug development, serialization and anti-counterfeiting.

Advantages of warehouse automation solutions in the chemical industry

Automation offers the chemical industry a multitude of benefits:

  • Efficiency: Robots replace humans performing repetitive tasks faster. Automation solutions can also accommodate 24-hour production cycles and are generally easy to implement.
  • Accuracy: Automation eliminates human error and greatly reduces product errors.
  • Analytics: Advanced data analytics can be used to identify market trends and aid in forecasting
  • Return on Investor: Automatic energy saving system. Improve product quality and increase production speed.
  • Reduced pollution: less human interaction during production and handling, the risk of product contamination is greatly reduced.
  • Accurate: Analytics can also be deployed to improve processes and effectively predict potential changes.

System Operation

In order for the automated warehouse to work, it is necessary to set up the system. Among them, automatic machinery is the most important component. And many more features for optimal efficiency. After the installation is complete, users only need to manipulate the command through the management software. Operations will be automated without human intervention. Solutions to connect business with production.

To meet that urgent need. New Ocean has researched and developed an automated warehouse solution for the chemical industry. The solution is developed by engineers and experts of Designed according to user needs to achieve the highest efficiency. As well as optimizing investment costs, using modern equipment and technology.

Key features help keep chemical warehouses safe and efficient for all businesses.

  • Safety during operation and use. No direct human manipulation is required.
  • Increase storage density, sort by area. Store by order.
  • Reduce labor, increase productivity, high efficiency in the manufacturing industry.
  • Transported by conveyors and rollers, it is easy to transport large chemical tanks.
  • The system is controlled by sensors and computer software. Therefore chemicals are stored correctly and safely.

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