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All industries rely on packaging to protect product quality and convey important product information. However, printing errors on packaging can cause serious problems, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, the use of a print quality control and data verification system for pharmaceutical labels, leaflets and packaging is critical to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. physical. Without this print quality control solution, there is a risk of large recall costs and inventory errors for printers, while also causing product safety and endangering the lives of users. product

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To prevent the growing risk of manufacturing and distributing counterfeit drugs, many countries have specific regulations on the printing of information on pharmaceutical packaging. For example, in Europe, the Counterfeit Medicines (FMD) directive 2011/62/EU requires all medicines to have a special serial number to monitor the manufacturing and distribution process from start to finish. . In addition, the pharmaceutical packaging printer needs to perform a print quality check and compare it with the original approved design, and must report to the authorities any changes in the design. production process.

Statistics show that about 50% of drug recall errors are due to errors in product labels or packaging. These errors can cause confusion or misdirection for users in using the drug..

For example, errors in the drug name, strength, batch/serial number or expiration date can be harmful and even fatal. Sometimes, incorrect dosage instructions, such as "2.5mg" mistakenly printed as "25mg" or "2-3 tablets" printed as "23 tablets", can also have dangerous consequences. These errors can occur due to a variety of problems, from pre-print, production to operational stages, such as clogged or non-working ink nozzles, ink marks, dirt, errors, etc. equipment or software, or human error, such as incorrect data entry.

Artwork Inspection Solutions

Artwork Inspection solutions is a comprehensive automated data validation and print quality control system for pharmaceutical applications. The system uses advanced line scanning and automatic defect detection technology for 100% monitoring for production line printing, labeling and packaging applications. This brings many benefits to the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Reduce costs: prevent costly reprints.
  • Increase productivity: automate labor-intensive print quality checks.
  • Meet regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry: solutions that meet the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, including coding, tracking, change management.
  • Reduce Waste / Garbage : immediately prevent defective products from having to be thrown away.
  • Minimize risk: ensure all steps in the industry comply with industry and government regulations.
giải pháp kiểm tra chất lượng in ấn

In addition, the Artwork test system can:

  • Installed on most existing packaging or labeling equipment.
  • Reliable, continuous monitoring and error reporting for immediate and uninterrupted fault detection.
  • Flexible, ability to deploy a wide set of camera and scanner technologies to capture a wide range of faults.
  • Easy to use, the system is set up faster, and the user interface layout is streamlined.
  • The system is designed to be upgradeable and add new features and functions as needed. This ensures that the system remains relevant and efficient throughout its life.
  • Supported, comprehensive maintenance contract featuring remote diagnostics.

In short, the Artwork inspection system is a powerful, vital solution for the pharmaceutical industry, a reliable and efficient system for print quality inspection and data validation.

Contact New Ocean today to learn more about print quality control solutions and get dedicated support from our experts. Our team will help you install and customize the solution to fit your business needs.

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