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Automated bond inspection solution for medical products

COVID-19 has impacted the world and is the biggest challenge facing each of us on this planet. Advances in the medical and pharmaceutical fields are greatly enhancing their ability to fight viruses. Proud to be a part of this fight. Our bonded inspection solutions are widely deployed to improve the production productivity and quality of personal protective equipment.

Vaccine/injection vial inspection solutions

In order to manufacture and fill vials of vaccines/injectables, a number of tests must be carried out to ensure that there are no defects. The bonded inspection system provides the ability to perform these necessary checks at high speed, during both production and filling processes with the limitations of the production facility as well as vibration.

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Mask inspection solution

In order to apply the mask inspection solution accurately and feasible with high-speed production lines and small spaces, it is required to ensure compactness, fast processing speed and control. can check many areas, providing accurate and reliable results.

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Quick test kit inspection solutions

The high-speed visual inspection system can consistently detect the most difficult manufacturing defects commonly encountered in rapid test kits. This system is widely deployed in the medical diagnostic industry to ensure high quality standards.

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Rubber buttons inspection solutions

With many solutions in the field of factory automation, industrial camera technology is also being widely used in this field.

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Syringe inspection solutions

Syringe inspection solutions need high precision
Even the slightest difference in size or angle can affect patients in professional health care and administration.
The technologies of industrial camera systems solve many problems in the medical industry especially when high stability in inspection is required.

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Inspection solutions

Plastic bottle inspection solutions

Special bottles used to store chemicals may require high levels of quality control. Plastic bottles and other molded products are no exception. Industrial camera systems with automated solutions are used in production lines around the world and are widely used in the inspection of specialty plastic and molded products.

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