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Goods traceability is a solution to help consumers find out about the origin and origin of the products they have purchased. Trace back the product being sold on store shelves to its original place of manufacture. At the same time, review from processing and distribution stages.

giải pháp truy xuất nguồn gốc hàng hóa

The traceability of goods and products plays a very important role in production and business activities. Especially with goods in the Vietnamese market. Counterfeit, counterfeit and poor quality products are rampant. No business wants their products to be evaluated equally, good and poor quality.

Traceability of goods serves 3 main purposes:

The first is serving the supply chain to transparent information of a product through the stages of production, processing and distribution.

Second: serve the needs of consumers with peace of mind having an information base to choose genuine goods.

Thirdly: serving for state management agencies, in the process of managing and controlling goods on the market

The application of a traceability solution Goods will bring the following benefits:

Protect your brand, enhance your business value

One of the benefits of product-first traceability is the protection of brand reputation. Increase the value of the business effectively. In fact, there are many famous businesses in the world that are taken advantage of by bad guys. Mixing and selling fake and fake products, destroying consumers' trust in the products that businesses have spent a lot of effort to build up the brand before. Traceability of goods is the shortest way to protect business reputation effectively. At the same time, convey all the messages of the manufacturer to the consumer through a simple scan of the code.

Increase competition, stimulate buying behavior

Consumers are increasingly demanding on the quality of goods. Therefore, the application of a product traceability solution is an important necessity for every business. This makes a strong contribution to enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise's products. To boost sales.

Maximize system investment cost savings

Many businesses are hesitant to use traceability stamps for fear of increasing input prices.

However, the fact shows that most of the units providing traceability stamp services today have relatively cheap fees. Each stamp usually only ranges from 300 VND to one thousand VND (for broken stamps, ..). Meanwhile, businesses will be provided with a traceability system that integrates the features of the warehouse management software system, sales management, these are two very important and necessary features. For now. The traceability software system is very simple to operate. If you know how to make good use of all the features. Enterprises can also save significant human resources and management.

Protecting the interests of the consumer community

For each business, our application of traceability of goods is not only valuable in terms of economics and politics, but it is also how businesses are joining hands to protect the interests of the community. Push back fake goods out of Vietnam market. This is also a very important and meaningful message for the whole society.

Platform to export goods internationally

Vietnam is a country with a lot of valuable products. However, the export market share to the international market is quite low. That's because the product has not been proven to have a clear origin. Small-scale production, scale and methods are still limited. The application of this solution helps businesses develop strongly and improve products. Thereby improving the quality of products reaching out to the world.

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