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Applying automation solutions in chemical plants helps people eliminate dangerous jobs when we have to come into direct contact with chemicals. Besides, through the automatic system, it helps to reduce human errors. Applying automation solutions will take the chemical industry one step further.

Why should automation solutions be applied in chemical plants?

In today's competitive market, introducing chemical products without applying automation technology will take a lot of time and businesses may lag behind competitors. For businesses that apply automation in production, chemical filling will achieve outstanding efficiency, operate quickly, save costs and fully comply with the strict requirements of the industry. chemical industry.

Automation solutions are becoming more and more extensive and an inevitable trend for every business. Automation shows the potential to transform processes and improve productivity as technology evolves.

Chemical enterprises have been investing in automation solutions in their processes: assembly, filling, machine maintenance, packaging,....

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Outstanding advantages of automation solutions

Improve quality: different from manual labor as before, automation performs repetitive tasks efficiently. Integrating robots can meet production requirements 24h/day regularly and continuously.

Improved accuracy: applying automation solutions in the operation process to help eliminate human errors.

Ability to analyze and display: Data will be analyzed to predict market trends while improving processes, predicting changes and detecting problems, thereby providing timely remedial measures. Automated solutions help track data information from start to finish from input materials to output product quality.

Reduce pollution: In the production and handling process, almost human is not directly involved, thus minimizing the risk of product contamination.

Fast payback time: Applying automation solutions to the chemical industry helps businesses save costs while boosting production and improving product quality.

Automated solution operation in the factory

For the chemical plant to operate automatically, no human intervention is required. Enterprises need to establish a scientific and consistent system. The system will integrate features to operate the plant efficiently. When done, users only need to manipulate the command through the management software to operate the plant in the best way.

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How to make factory automation better?

In addition to providing information to different systems by synchronizing data makes the factory more efficient, it also requires line work between automation systems to produce a single result. more complete.

The increased need for flexibility in the manufacturing process has impacted automation. Therefore, businesses need to switch easily from one product to another without having to completely rebuild the automated production system. Lead to robot integration solution was born to create many applications for humans and is rapidly expanding.

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New Ocean is one of the leading automation solution providers in Vietnam, we provide turnkey solutions for chemical plants. Our solutions include:

  • Automated robot loading and unloading goods
  • Robots stack, pick and pack products
  • Supporting people in production activities
  • Shipping support
  • Robot system integration
  • Wastewater treatment system, energy management,...

The way the company can achieve outstanding benefits is to invest heavily in highly flexible automation solutions that provided. The reliability of the solution is always at its maximum, accompanied by 24/7 care and maintenance service packages from our highly specialized engineers. New Ocean. Helping businesses improve operational efficiency, save costs and improve reliability.