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Automatic product sorting system is used to serve and support the line of sorting, packing, processing, importing and exporting warehouse, goods and parcels. Products are classified according to a number of criteria such as: size, height, weight, color.. thanks to advanced Vision technology with product inspection camera.

The products are classified to help ensure the finished product, shape, weight before packing or the classification criteria according to the intended use information of the manufacturer or service. Sorted products can be transferred to automated packaging lines or stored/de-stocked.

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Automatic sorting system

Outstanding advantages of automatic sorting line

With the traditional method of product classification, it requires a larger working space for a large number of classification participants, a long sorting time and error-prone. Thanks to the automatic sorting line method, using the product inspection camera, the number of workers is significantly reduced (up to 80%) when the productivity is increased by 3-5 times with the error rate, error rate. controlled residuals.

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In the current digital technology era, the automatic product classification system has been a form that manufacturers, e-commerce service providers, and forwarders aim for thanks to the outstanding advantages that the system offers. system brings.

The product sorting line operates according to the product classification mechanism with product identification sensor classifier, product bonded inspection camera, electronic scale, measuring system, mechanism for picking, transporting (conveyor belt). , conveyor belts, traps, levers, angle conveyors, setters,...). Automatic product classification system is applied in many different industries: processing agricultural products, vegetables and fruits, factories producing electronic components, mechanics, transit warehouses, logistics express delivery, postal services. main e-commerce in classifying parcels, goods, ..

One-sided and two-sided sorting lines are applied to the food, agricultural, electronic component manufacturing, logistics, and e-commerce industries.

With the sorting lines of agricultural products, plastics, details such as granules and fibers, the sorter has a compact structure and fully implements the functions of sorting and selecting products with cameras and inspection structures. products when transferred through conveyors, hoppers.

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This automatic product classification system is mainly applied to the food and food industries.

Some popular product classification systems today

System for sorting products by barcode

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This is the most commonly used system today, this line is used to classify packages, postal items, finished products that have been packed in cartons, bags and pasted with Barcode and QR codes.

With the information stored on the barcode affixed to the product, the system easily filters and selects, bringing the product to the gathering location according to the requirements set forth:

For electronic and technological products: classified according to the same production batch, production date, model...

For parcels, courier orders: sorted by date of order, packing method, delivery location, fast delivery, ...

Packaged agricultural products: classified by expiry date, processing batch number, product grade, ..

Boxes are placed on sorting conveyors by workers or robotic arms cobot, palletizing robots from cable conveyors or AGVs in smart factories.

With this automatic product sorting system, which is 3 - 5 times higher than manual sorting of barcodes, the system can reach 10,000 products/hour.

Product classification system by mass

The system applies a variety of types and types of products according to the principle of checking the weight online, then dividing each weight according to the requirements.

Application of product classification by volume for a number of industries of food, seafood, agricultural products, ..

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Automation sorting system by color

The product sorting machine by color can classify products such as coffee, colored plastic, rice, nuts, etc. thanks to the product inspection camera, automatic image processing vision technology. With productivity from 0.8 - 15 tons/hour (depending on model), accuracy rate >99%. The automatic product sorting system by color is widely applied in the fields of agriculture, food, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, electronic components, medical equipment, ..

Automation sorting system by size

Based on size including product leveling, sorting, stocking and recalling. The product sorting machine by size is automatically controlled, high accuracy, stable operation, suitable for many different products. With a capacity of 3 - 5 tons/hour, equivalent to 1000 - 1100 products/minute

Classification level: 4 - 10 levels

The system is widely applied in the food, agricultural, fruit, ..

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Thanks to the sorting system with Camera along with smart sorting algorithm, packages packed in boxes with different weights, colors, and sizes are easily sorted. Goods are classified on the main conveyor according to the conveyors moving to the gathering locations.

With the automatic product sorting system, it helps to reduce the human effort and time for the boring sorting process, but still ensures the accuracy at high speed with outstanding productivity.

For the food processing and manufacturing industry, products after processing running on conveyors can be selected/rejected by the system according to the criteria of shape and color, making the packaging process seamless. circuit and product quality are controlled more evenly.

The automatic product classification system is becoming more and more intelligent with the application of AI to the task of classifying and selecting products on demand. The feed and pick conveyor system with speeds up to 150m/min is resistant to abrasion, high temperature, humidity and special production conditions.

Automatic sorting system at New Ocean

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With a sorting system, automating the entire process will replace manpower many times over. The machine can perform continuous work, for a long time with high efficiency. With the reduction of the number of employees in the production division of the enterprise, it is possible to easily manage labor, save costs and return profits to the business.

Coming to New Ocean, you will receive dedicated advice about Automation sorting system suitable for your production line and most efficient. New Ocean believes, with extensive experience in many fields and industries. We will help your factory system operate at its best. Support consulting, repair and replacement of components with reasonable prices. Optimize labor costs as well as increase production efficiency.

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