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Smart factories use collaborative robots to load and unload goods and palletize them. Perform jobs on behalf of people, stacking boxes, boxes, bags, .. finished products Pallet. The end of the code to pack the goods to the customer in the production line.

An indispensable factor, effectively supporting the product packaging stage and the entire import and export activities. The automation trend of modern industry is happening globally in general and in Vietnam in particular. Robot Palletizer replaces humans in loading and unloading heavy goods, ensuring safety for workers.

robot cộng tác xếp hàng lên pallet

Working principle Collaborative robots

  • Pick up goods in the form of boxes, bags, discrete devices on the conveyor
  • Move the goods to the desired pallet position
  • Arrange the goods on the pallet according to the pre-programmed process
  • Wrap pallets to keep goods safe during transportation

Features of palletizing robot

With the ability to work flexibly and independently with the ability to replace people in loading and unloading. The palletizing robot has the following outstanding features:

  • Operating stably 24/7, they will warn with a system of horns, lights, and signals thanks to sensors, cameras, and data processing by AI.
  • Stable operation 24/7 for a long time
  • Loading and unloading of goods up to 100kg or more
  • Suitable for goods of different sizes and weights
  • Safe operation, energy saving, ability to identify and change flexibly
  • Space flexibility with different reach options, single arm use or custom fit.
robot bốc xếp hàng hóa lên pallet

Benefits of using a palletizing robot

Boost work efficiency: Robots are capable of working for many hours, many years in a row without resting. From there, it helps to increase productivity many times compared to manual labor

Safe working environment: before there were no robots, people had to work in dangerous and harsh environments. But with the development of robot technology that can operate in high-temperature, toxic-polluted environments in a more stable and long-lasting way.

The quantity of goods is controlled more closely so that there is a long-term production plan: the user can predict the productivity achieved by the robot in 1 hour or 1 day from which the quantity of goods can be calculated. as well as the amount of loading and unloading according to the previously set output. Thereby helping businesses be more proactive in production and in the packaging process.

Stable operation, less maintenance required: choose a good palletizing robot to operate more stably and save maintenance costs.

Wide range of product weight sizes: Thanks to the structure of the product suction system, the clamp - pick up the box is flexible, so the robot arm not only works with a single weight size, but also can be used a certain size range.

Integrating with conveyor belts with the system of machinery and equipment in the system is easy.

Some limitations when using automatic palletizing robots:

High cost, more suitable for businesses with large packaging output and long-term plans.

It is necessary to carefully select a reputable supplier with many years of experience in the field of robot automation to ensure quality and productivity during operation.

The issue of high concern is the safety of the operator when approaching the robot. Therefore it is necessary to program safety, barrier and warning sensor system.

The demand for automation in the industry in general is increasing day by day, requiring machines and equipment to change, support and replace people in dangerous and labor-intensive jobs. . The revolution of industrialization and modernization poses requirements for businesses to change to adapt as well as improve their competitiveness.

Choosing an experienced supplier that provides a qualified automation solution should be taken into consideration.

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