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Factory digitization - modernization process, transforming working system from traditional manual to digital modern. The data information will be stored in many different forms, the traditional way of working is to store it by paper, text, form form, .. Digitization makes storage simple and accurate. and more secure by converting data information into digital format.

New Ocean is a supplier of automation solutions, factory digitization and has many years of experience in this field. We organized a seminar with the topic "FACTORY DIGITALIZATION - MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS IN INDUSTRIAL 4.0". This workshop will provide customers with a better overview of solutions to manage and operate factories effectively, as well as save costs and maximize production capacity for businesses. . At the same time shortening production time, increasing competitive advantage over competitors.

The seminar was organized by NEW OCEAN GROUP (NOAS & NOIS) together with partner ZEBRA, coming to the seminar. Customers have the opportunity to get technical support from New Ocean engineers, explore integrated solutions, visit New Ocean's solution demos.

At the seminar, the General Director of New Ocean Group shared about the necessary factors for the success of domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises. New Ocean introduced the  Digital Business model that combines the real world and the digital world with digital solutions that customers can apply right in their factories and production lines:

  • Factory digital management solution (Factory Smart Forms & Checklists)
  • Traceability Solution (Track and Trace)

The seminar was successfully held with the participation of more than 100 customers from manufacturing plants, contractors, machine building companies, automation and digitization service companies, and more. with very lively discussions and exchanges with New Ocean's engineering team at solution demo areas.

Pictures from the conference

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