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In order to improve the spirit of solidarity and connection between departments, on 2 days 25 - 26/06/2022 Dai Duong New Automatic System Co., Ltd organized for all its officers and employees a Team Building tour full of fun in Can Gio. Here, the group activities and attractive games made the members extremely excited and burned.

Tour Team Building 2022 with the slogan "Wake up and shine" based on a unified collective strength, wake up together and shine together. Conquer all challenges and immediate goals in 2022.

At 7:00 am, Saturday, June 25, 2022, the convoy departed from the office of New Ocean Company and moved to the location of Can Gio. After more than 2 hours of traveling, the convoy was at Can Gio resort. The whole group took advantage of Check-in, then proceeded to participate in collective game activities to build camaraderie, play games, emulate each other, and support each other.

With the thoughtful preparation in all aspects of the organizers and the eager spirit of the company's members who are not afraid of difficulties. Team Building program took place as expected, everyone happily shared funny stories with each other.

Having fun and eating together brings people closer together. On each face of the participants, everyone played hard, didn't think much about winning, we are a big family, everyone who wins is well deserved. The efforts of the teams to participate in the game, in line with the active working spirit of the big family . Thereby showing that the company's warriors are very passionate and passionate in everything, despite many difficulties and challenges, they still try to overcome and succeed. The proof is that through the challenges of the Team Building program, they have been conquered and completed excellently.

It is not difficult when everyone is united and united to achieve the goal they desire. The lively atmosphere at the Gala Dinner night, the efforts of each team to participate in the competitions brought honor to each team and the whole company. Support each other in TeamWork but still prioritize fun. Everyone sends their best wishes to each other. At the same time, with sincere statements from the Company's staff, the spirit of each employee has been encouraged, thereby building a stronger and stronger team together. Let's honor the outstanding individuals who have devoted themselves to the company in the past time. Especially the lucky draw game, congratulations to the lucky members who won meaningful gifts from the program. Joy is not the gifts they receive, here it is the attachment, the affection that the company gives them. The sustainable solidarity of a "Great Family" always standing by each other, overcoming difficulties together and reaching the destination.

Let's admire the cool and cool photos of the trip.