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Thanks to the application of science and technology, E-commerce businesses are gradually transforming and developing. From there, understand customers and enhance their business position in the international arena.

E-commerce in recent years has become familiar to consumers. Revenue and profit recorded record increases. In the past 2 years from 2020 to 2021, this is the period when the e-commerce industry boomed strongly. Some other industries are affected by the pandemic, on the contrary, this is a time of development for the industry, which is an effective arm for consumers and the global digital economy. To achieve that, it is thanks to the development of technology, which is becoming smarter, more modern, and faster.

Technology has made the wave of E-commerce grow stronger with a larger scale of development. And this industry is also changing day by day thanks to the application of 4.0 technology.

thương mại điện tử áp dụng công nghệ 4.0

Personalize the customer experience

One of the newest features that technology brings to the e-commerce industry is the rapid connection of the system. It is artificial intelligence and the internet of things that help collect information fully and accurately in real time. From there, understanding the shopping habits of customers, creating a premise for businesses to set out business strategies in the future.

E-commerce platforms in Vietnam market such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki.. increasingly understand consumers' habits, have launched strategies for discounts, events, Voucher codes, free ship, .. thereby enhancing the customer experience.

In order for customers to be more convenient and save time in shopping, businesses have applied technology to change the shopping interface according to preferences and habits.

áp dụng công nghệ 4.0 lên sàn thương mại điện tử

The logistics operation process to a new level

According to experts, not only e-commerce. Technology also helps support the development of different industries. With logistics activities and a series of new innovative solutions, automatic operation: automatic sorting system, intelligent automatic warehouse, loading and unloading robot.

Sorting systems with capacity up to 25,000 products/hour with a failure rate of 0.01%, the outstanding numbers they deliver. Thanks to the use of Barcode technology to identify products and goods. This ensures faster accuracy.

Information storage and control solutions, automatic warehouses, smart warehouses are considered the pinnacle of automation. Data through radio waves by software RFID. Goods will be received and determined to be organized and operated automatically.

Robotic automatic loading and unloading of goods is increasingly appearing in e-commerce, serving the stage of picking and loading goods on pallets, moving goods from one location to another as required. Thanks to this technology, it helps workers to reduce heavy and dangerous jobs. Thereby helping businesses save time and operating costs for the whole system.

Enterprise's competitive advantage

Technology 4.0 not only brings a new and convenient experience to customers, but also enhances the position of businesses with other competing brands.

In the context of the epidemic, traditional businesses have been stalled, making it difficult to transport. Other businesses quickly adapt to digital transformation, so they can maintain sales through the pandemic.

Enterprises improve their position thanks to the unique and different booth appearance, hitting the customer's psychology, thereby stimulating demand and increasing revenue.

Virtual reality shopping experience

công nghệ thực tế ảo
Virtual Reality

Consumers do not need to travel to the store, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) continuous development has brought customers a new and more interesting experience.

In particular, thanks to this technology, the fashion and cosmetics industry allows users to experiment with makeup or the suit that the company provides. Thereby making customers feel more interesting, making decisions faster.

In short, technology 4.0 has brought e-commerce to a new level, thus requiring each business to race to catch up with the trend. From there, compete with other competitors in the international arena.

In order for the automation application to achieve certain success, business owners need to have a specific investment strategy at each level.

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