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New Ocean Automation System Co., Ltd. participated in Vietnam Manufacturing and Industry Exhibition VIMF 2022 took place in Bac Ninh. VIMF exhibition features business connection programs, seminars on topics of production connection, 4.0 technology, smart production, application of machines in production.

With the gathering of more than 200 booths from more than 10 countries and territories: Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, USA, ..Through connecting more than 10,000 visitors With industry experts, VIMF provides valuable information on products, investment solutions, latest trends in the manufacturing industry to help businesses maximize productivity and increase efficiency. work.

Over 20 years of establishment and development, with a team of professional, experienced engineers and outstanding services, New Ocean has always maintained its position as one of the major automation solution providers in Vietnam. Along with that, New Ocean is constantly innovating and looking for new partners to create different and outstanding solutions that bring added value to customers.

Attend this VIMF exhibition. New Ocean has the opportunity to expand cooperation, strengthen joint ventures, link with potential partners to bring the most optimal solutions.

We are very honored and proud to welcome our partners and customers. The booth at the exhibition has attracted a large number of customers to visit and experience the real events factory.  

A series of solutions with the ability to meet the entire needs of businesses are displayed at the exhibition to help customers easily choose the right solution while optimizing costs while ensuring operational efficiency. The exhibition has contributed to promoting the brand at the same time introduce to customers, businesses in the North. Besides, this is also an opportunity to strengthen connections to promote domestic and foreign business.

Triển lãm VIMF 2022

At New Ocean, we believe that with many years of experience in a variety of fields and industries, we could be able to support Your Factory’s automation systems to reach the highest quality. All the solutions from New Ocean are strictly guaranteed, in detailed: :

- We could be able to solve the brief based on Your specific requirements with a diverse supplier network of hardware and software which can optimize Your budget

- Easily reprogram or integrate new equipment into the system.

- The lifetime of the solution is guaranteed. Along with 24/7 care and maintenance service packages from skilled engineers .

- Support consulting, repairing or replacing components with reasonable prices. Optimize labor costs as well as increase production efficiency.