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1. Introducing the Allied Vision Industrial Camera supplier

Allied Vision Technologies is a world-leading manufacturer of digital cameras in the field industrial image processing. Offers a wide range of machine vision cameras with digital interfaces for industrial inspection, automation, medical imaging, scientific research, traffic monitoring, safety and many other demanding applications,. .

High quality cameras such as: Gigabit Ethernet cameras, 5Gigabit Ethernet cameras, USB cameras, MIPI CSI-2 embedded cameras, CoaXPress cameras, Camera Link cameras and typical firewire cameras deliver high quality images, outstanding reliability and corresponding values for both visible and invisible spectral wavelengths.

2. Why New Ocean recommends Allied Vision products

With many years of experience in the camera field, Allied Vision has helped customers solve problems in the field of image processing. We believe that, when combined with New Ocean's automation solutions, Allied Vision products will bring the best results to meet the comprehensive needs of your business.

3. Products of Allied Vision

Alvium camera series

camera công nghiệp Allied Vision
Camera Alvium C
with MIPI CSI-2 interface
Camera công nghiệp Allied Vision
Camera Alvium U
with USB3 Vision interface
Camera công nghiệp Allied Vision
Camera Alvium G1
with GigE Vision interface
Camera công nghiệp Allied Vision
Camera Alvium G5
with 5GigE Vision interface

All Alvium cameras share the same platform. They are based on Alvium technology, have great flexibility for the development of any vision system and make it easy to adjust and upgrade your system.

Camera Alvium is available with 6 different interfaces for diverse requirements. Along with a selection of high-quality image sensors, a wide variety of mount and lens mount options, and a wide range of spectral sensitivities, the Alvium platform offers the ultimate in flexibility with over 200 options to choose from. .

Camera Goldeye SWIR

Camera Goldeye SWIR

The compact advanced science and technology SWIR series, image processing and optional sensor cooling ensure you the best imaging results with low noise, high linearity. With high frame rate allows to speed up your process.

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