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1. Logopak supplier introduction

Founded in Germany in 1978. Logopak has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial automatic labeling printers. Apply a labeling system integrated into the logistics chain at the interface between production and shipping or at a centralized warehousing/distribution center.

Logopak is a leading European manufacturer. Automatic labeling and printing systems. Today, Logopak has European subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. With more than 6,000 machines successfully installed.

2. The reason New Ocean recommends products from Zebra

For more than 40 years, Logopak has built machines for many different fields. Thanks to its flexible design capabilities and comprehensive manufacturing approach. Logopak can provide you with machines that are tailored to your specific requirements. To be a competent and reliable partner of We make sure that Logopak products and solutions can meet your needs.

3. Product portfolio

Pallet Labeller

hệ thống ghi nhãn Pallet Labeller

Logopak's automatic labeling system comes with a standard stroke length of up to 800 mm. For smooth production operations with variable-size products and extreme reliability. When labels need to be attached to uneven surfaces. The machine can be equipped with an optional vacuum plate consisting of a flexo pad or 4 small auxiliary application cylinders. In addition, our system can be upgraded at any stage to RFID adoption.

Case/Box Labeller

giải pháp ghi nhãn

Automated labeling solutions are globally standard. Applied to facilitate the handling and tracking of an item. A wide range of lubricators are easily fitted to the unit to allow for labeling on all sides of the product. The outer box label contains an ITF14, EAN13, or GS1-128 barcode that identifies the product (GTIN). May also contain BBE, batch and quantity information. Depending on throughput rate, Logopak offers three sets of suitable case labelers. All equipment is manufactured in-house. Does not rely on any third-party software or hardware integration.

  • 300 Series  – print & apply case labeller, out-the-box setup, for simple applications.
  • 400 Series – print and apply case labeller, up to 40 labels per minute, for complex applications
  • 500 Series  – high speed print & apply case labeller, large capacity roll, up to 100 labels per minute.


dán nhãn tự động

Most of Logopak's systems come with future RFID technology built in. Thanks to the high quality of the components and the rugged modular design. They can be retrofitted with new technology at any stage.

Logopak's pallet labeling system with on-demand RFID tagging technology. Has been setting new standards for RFID applications. The system allows for RFID labeling on request. That is, when and where you need it. Therefore, it is not necessary to equip each packing unit with an RFID transponder. Depends on your requirements. Our labelers can be equipped with transponders in the 13.56 MHz and UHF 868 MHz bands (UHF class 1 global EPC 2nd generation).