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The Neousys industrial computer is the ideal solution for smart factory applications, machine vision and industrial robots.

Neousys industrial-grade embedded computers are a collection of many patents. Gathered into 1 compact device. Designed for factory automation. They are compact yet offer continuous operation. Withstands a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions

Based in Taiwan, all product lines are designed in-house spanning across various vertical applications, Neousys Technology has proven to be one of the leaders in rugged embedded computing.


Expansion Box PC

Neousys embedded box PCs provide excellent processing power, flexibility and expandability. Featuring patented cooling intake and optional fan dissipation design, it is superior to traditional embedded box PCs by sustaining components within a safe operating temperature range and at optimum performances.

Frame Grabber Card

From GigE (RJ-45 or M12) to 10Gb Ethernet and USB3.1 Gen1, Neousys add-on cards can be installed into industrial embedded platforms to expand machine vision functions. In addition, a low-profile PCIe card is also available for 2U server computers.

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GPU Computer

Neousys offers leading GPU computing platforms ranging from volatile environment demanding Tesla/ Quadro in SEMIL systems, mainstream dual/ single configuration RTX 30 series to power-efficient platforms supporting dual Google TPUs to satisfy a variety of edge AI workloads.

Fanless Embedded Computer

Neousys Fanless embedded computer are rugged and durable, fanless with true wide temperature operation with excellent processing power. Offering plenty of I/Os, they are the ideal choice for extreme industrial applications.

Machine Vision Computer with Vision-specific I/O and Real-time Control

Nuvis series is the all-in-one machine vision system integrated with a lighting controller, encoder, camera trigger, microsecond-scale real-time I/O control and AI inference capability for next-generation vision inspections.


Machine Vision

To increase productivity, a high-end machine vision solution is one of the most commonly seen practices in product quality inspection, automated pick-and-place, package inspection and assembly verification. Neousys offers a wide range of frame grabber cards for all-in-one machine vision computing platforms that feature an abundance of vision I/Os including lighting controller, encoder, camera trigger, microsecond-scale real-time I/O control and AI inference. The efficient and effective all-in-one design can help reduce costs and installation space.

Smart Automation

Neousys offers a comprehensive product line of expandable box PCs with up to 4x PCIe slots and 3x PCI slots for modern automation solutions. You can select from a range of Neousys add-on cards (e.g. capture cards, motion control cards, etc.) that can be easily installed to suit your application needs. Moreover, with Neousys' well-engineered circuitry and patented thermal design, the system can support an NVIDIA GPU card up to 250W for machine learning and inference to handle complex computation environments.

Industrial Robotics

Neousys compact embedded PCs have been deployed in advanced robotics applications such as vision-guided robotics, robotics machine vision, high-speed inspection robot, etc. Integrated with cameras and robotic arms, Neousys embedded PCs utilize NVIDIA graphics card's processing power to serve as a high-performance central processing unit. They are reliable for 24/7 operations and thrive in compact embedded enclosures under extreme heat conditions for heavy industries.