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1. Introduction to Cognex

Cognex is a leading supplier of machine vision and industrial barcode reading solutions.

With over 2 million systems installed in facilities around the world and over thirty-nine years of experience. Cognex products focus on industrial machine vision and image-based barcode reading technology.

Implemented by the world's leading manufacturers, suppliers and machine builders. Products ensure that manufactured items meet the stringent quality requirements of each industry.

2. Why New Ocean recommends Cognex products

With many years of experience in the field of providing barcode reading and inspection equipment. We believe that Cognex products, when combined with our automation solutions, Will bring the most optimal results, meeting the comprehensive needs of your business.

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3. Product

Bar code reader device

  • Fixed barcode reading device: Through image Dataman is fixedly installed. They are integrated with advanced technology, powerful processing performance. Modular design, easy to apply in manufacturing and logistics industries.
Máy đọc mã vạch cố định Cognex Dataman 70S
  • Dataman handheld barcode readers are equipped with the latest technology. Rugged device housing and modular communication methods for handling difficult-to-read barcodes.
Máy đọc mã vạch cầm tay Cognex DMR-8050HDXM chính hãng chất lượng - NHANH360
  • Mobile solutions: offers all-inclusive mobile barcode scanning solutions that can be compatible with mobile devices, capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes. The industry's finest detailed directly engraved codes.
Máy đọc mã vạch Cognex giải pháp đọc mã vạch toàn diện

Barcode readers are equipped with the latest technologies. For codes with different logos, sizes, qualities, printing methods or surfaces.

External inspection equipment

Using image sensor camera equipment, 2D and 3D cameras to fully inspect the production process. To minimize damage to a minimum. Minimize product recalls. Optimizing costs for manufacturers.

All sensor product lines. Like Cognex's 2D and 3D bond inspection systems, both use bonded inspection technology for inspection, but are designed for different tasks.

Image sensor

Cognex image sensors deliver incredibly accurate inspection thanks to powerful image processing tools. Integrated lighting system, modular design. Besides, the setup environment is easy to use.

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Image sensor
2D ond inspection technology

These systems are easy to deploy, delivering accurate and consistent results for the most challenging applications.

camera 2D
Camera 2D
3D ond inspection technology

Cognex's 3D In-sight laser and bonded inspection systems are incredibly easy to use, powerful and versatile. Delivers precise measurement results for challenging 3D applications.

camera 3D
Camera 3D

To minimize waste, optimize quality, maximize productivity. As well as being able to read any code, at any time. The best top picks are Cognex products. Bring efficiency to the production line, meeting the output quality of each enterprise.

For more information on barcode reading and bond error checking solutions. As with other industrial camera product lines, please contact us.