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Nhân viên Telesales

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Telesales Staff

For the purpose of providing information, giving customers the best value. New Ocean Automated System Co., Ltd. is recruiting for the position of telesales staff according to the following information:

1. Job description

Company inside

  • Finding out information about the company's products. The purpose is to bring useful consulting results to customers.
  • Coordinating with Marketing and Sales departments in service quality assessment
  • Making suggestions to improve the company's services.

Company outside

  • Creating a close and prestigious relationship with customers, always bring the best solution to serve customers
  • Always maintaining and building the company's professional image.

2. Benefits

  • A professional, creative and dynamic working environment that helps you promote your capacity as well as develop your career
  • Thera is a full range of good remuneration and attractive welfare policies according to the regulations of the state and the company
  • Providing the regimes prescribed by law (health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance)
  • Travelling with the company
  • Periodic health examination
  • Salary: Negotiation

3. Job purpose

Making phone calls to introduce and consult the company's products to customers.

4. Responsibility

  • Calling to introduce, consult and take care of customers who have needs related to products, equipment and solutions in the field of automation.
  • Developing customer network
  • Reporting arising work, weekly, and monthly to the direct manager.

5. Power

  • Directly participating in and evaluating the service quality improvement process at the company
  • Actively designing suitable consulting programs to the company's products and equipment
  • Asking for supporting from higher management or related departments to solve work effectively
  • Reporting directly, proposing ideas to the Board of Directors about the unreasonableness in the department to improve the process and build the company culture to help the job well and effectively.
  • Within its scope, proactively take the right decisions to improve work efficiency and promote the professionalization of the company.

6. Job requirement - TELESALES STAFF

  • Knowledge, education, and training: college and university degrees. Communicative English is preferred
  • Minimum 6 months of consulting experience
  • Expertise: capable of working independently, bringing appropriate product information and solutions to customers
  • Abilities/skills: easy-to-listen voice, empathetic, animated language with good communication skills
  • Ability to self-training, dynamic in work
  • Ability to accept change quickly with changing situations
  • Always looking for improvement

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