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Trưởng nhóm kinh doanh (Sales Leader)

Established in 2002, New Ocean is a unit specializing in consulting, designing, implementing, and operating a full package of industrial - manufacturing solutions for factories, manufacturing units, and domestic subcontractors. as well as Southeast Asia. Building intelligent systems to help optimize production, reduce operating costs, digital transformation systems, optimize business management processes, as well as products (warehouse, supply chain, analytics, etc.) data, data digitization, traceability..) Upgrading integration helps old and new systems to communicate with each other. Product quality control system based on image processing, warehouse management, finished product management, providing genuine hardware devices.

New Ocean currently wants to develop and promote the market, so the company needs to recruit a Sales Team Leader in Ho Chi Minh City with the following details:


Position:Sales Leader

Job code: NO-KD-SEL

Direct manager:Sales manager

Salary:From 15.000.000 to 20.000.000 VND + Commision

The sales leader is responsible for activities related to the consumption of products, services, customer care, management, and training of Sales staff.


  • Developing plans and strategies to accomplish development goals and business results in assigned areas/fields.
  • Ensuring revenue according to assigned targets and distributing work to Sales staff
  • Recruiting employees, training and monitoring the performance of sales staff
  • Managing sales staff closely to always achieve sales and growth goals
  • Optimizing and building business processes: starting from planning to closing sales
  • Report daily, weekly, and monthly based on business results, costs, revenue as well as give projects to the Director.
  • Identifying potential markets and market fluctuations; at the same time, always updating the situation of competitors and new products
  • Understanding, constantly learning and researching new products. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the company's products, similar products, and competitors' products, as well as learn about competitors.
  • Supporting sales team in normal sample test cases and product demo at customer's office when needed.


  • Proposing plans to perform contracts with customers as well as effective methods of approaching customers.
  • Providing customer service and support policies.
  • Using and coordinating company resources to serve customers and operate the business.
  • Using equipment/products/demo or other facilities for business activities.
  • Proposing policies, regimes and conditions to support business activities.
  • Enjoying the salary and bonus regime according to the salary and bonus regulations for the business department.


Reporting directly to the Sales Manager.


  • Graduated from University, College in Business Administration major, or other economic-related disciplines.
  • Previous experiences as a Sales Team Leader or similar positions.
  • English presentation and reading comprehension.
  • Proficient in soft skills such as presentation and good communication.
  • Staying alert to the business opportunities at hand.
  • High performance, eager to learn new knowledge.
  • There are management ability, strategic thinking, analytical thinking, self-motivated, and highly organized.


Email: hr@new-ocean.com.vn

Phone number: 0971.870.139 (Ms. Phuong Dang)