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Barcode Verification Solution

Barcode Verification is a technology that performs the task of verifying and checking the quality of barcodes including 1D and 2D according to pre-set standards.

Barcode Verification Solution of is a fully integrated solution, designed for accurate and reliable verification against application standards including: ISO 15415, ISO 15416, AIM DPM, UDI, GS1, UID.

Relating to structural operational structure, barcodes printed on the product are scanned and identified through industrial cameras and fixed/ handheld scanners. Next, a read-and-process-images software decodes all data contained in the scanned barcode and transfers it to a connected computer. Thence, the software will analyze information, decode and provide corresponding data of products or goods that need to be checked accurately to ensure that these barcodes meet the set quality standards.

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The barcode quality check helps Barcode Verification perform the function that is to analyze the barcode error comprehensively, helping the operator to fix it easily.

Some of the barcode verification solutions that New Ocean provides:

Barcode Verification
Webscan Barcode Verifier
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Handhelp Barcode Verifier
Giải pháp kiểm tra chất lượng mã vạch
Offline Barcode Verifier
barcode verification
Inline Barcode Verifier

Barcode Verification

  • Barcodes that do not scan correctly can cause serious problems, from manufacturing errors and production downtime to product returns, production delays, and costly costs. Therefore, the solution to check the quality of barcodes helps prevent such incidents, helping businesses save time, management and labor costs.
  • The rate of industrial barcode reading is up to 99% accurate, applying on a variety of materials such as paper, iron box, bottle, carton, etc.
  • The ability to check the content of 1D and 2D barcodes of objects applied on all materials and surfaces.
  • Ensure data consistency throughout the production process.
  • Ensuring high accuracy of barcode content.
  • Check the quality of 1D, 2D and DPM barcodes.
  • The traceability process is strictly checked from mixing raw materials to filling and packing.

Outstanding advantages from New Ocean's barcode verification solution

  • Flexible design which is suitable for all sizes of manufacturing plants, lighting conditions and production goals of each business via 2D Vision Inspection solutions that New Ocean is providing:
  • Barcode Verification solution is pre-programmed and easy to use, fully meeting the bar code quality inspection standards for each specific manufacturing industry.
  • New Ocean's Barcode Verification System uses image processing technology. To read 1D/2D/DPM barcodes on high-speed production lines.
  • Verify barcodes are printed at any position/orientation.
  • Exclude poorly printed barcodes; and can read multiple barcodes at the same time. In case of wrong barcode detected, our system will report/warn to the operator immediately.
  • With a team of experienced professionals and skilled technicians. New Ocean confidently provides customers with care and maintenance services. Support consulting the most suitable and professional solution.

Please contact us immediately if you have any questions, need advice on barcode verification solution New Ocean offers comprehensive automation solutions in industry and manufacturing.