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Surface inspection

Solution applying an image processing technology to automatically check errors on the surface of the product. This system is dedicated for large products and is operated in rolls such as making paper, steel, textiles, etc. By analyzing two-dimensional images taken by some industrial cameras integrated on the production line, the system can detect errors appearing on the surface of rolls of paper, steel, plastic, fabric with the highest accuracy and fastest.

Relating to structural operational structure, Surface inspection system includes 5 main parts:

Giải pháp kiểm tra bề mặt sản phẩm

- Industrial camera is responsible for capturing product image, especially using a line scan camera for rolled-shaped product inspection or area cameras for general applications.

- Lens can adjust the demanded quality of image, there has a special lens for camera line scan.

- Lighting devices help clarify the features that need to be checked and remove unnecessary components.

- Image processor and processing algorithm are programmed according to the requirements of each application, which can be used to detect errors, measure dimensions, recognize characters, etc.

- Separate actuators depending on the manufacturing application (can be pickers robots, levers, pneumatic pushers, etc.)

inspection solution

Surface inspection

- Providing a customizable solution and a comprehensive understanding of the entire manufacturing process.

- Consolidating the monitor and checking abilities through web, synchronized camera technology is optimized by powerful led arrays with a diverse camera angles to improve the quality of image hence detect accurately errors.

- Easy to operate with high quality future-proofing.

- Modular inspection and monitoring systems can be expanded or upgraded to meet Your needs.


- Flexible design which is suitable for all sizes of manufacturing plants, lighting conditions and production goals of each business via several Surface Inspection solutions that New Ocean is providing below:

  • Detecting holes, tears, scratches
  • Detectting foreign objects on the surface
  • Check printing errors or lack of ink
  • Check for printing errors in the wrong position
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- The systems are easy to be reorganized or added new devices.

- Our surface inspection system gives extremely high accuracy results along with real-time operation interface, displaying online test results at any time of the day.

- Significant improvement in production efficiency immediately after system implementation, such as improving product quality, higher productivity, error detection before value-added processing or shipping, and reducing demands & costs of manual inspection.

- The product life is highly guaranteed going with 24/7 warranty and maintenance services from our highly-skilled engineers. Cooperating with us, not only You can be comfortable about the efficient and stable operation of the system, but also proactively control Your automatic technology at Your manufacturing plant.

- We support consulting, repairing and replacing new devices with reasonable costs, which could save Your Business’ labor costs and optimize production efficiency.

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