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The solution for checking label quality uses a high-speed camera to capture images, ensuring the truest colors. Detect product defects, check and control product quality. Then follow the product finishing process. Combined with a professionally designed and built image processing algorithm, it will detect defects on the label that are difficult to detect with the naked eye.

1. Customer problem

Currently, label manufacturers are using a lot of workers to check the quality of output products.

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It takes a lot of manpower to check the quality of the label. Not only that, it takes a lot of time to test. The cost for the inspection stage is relatively large.

2. The solution

NEW OCEAN has researched and brought a solution to check label quality using industrial cameras.

Using True Color CAMERA captures high-speed images but still ensures the most realistic colors. Combining the image processing algorithm designed and built by New Ocean, it can identify defective products with high accuracy.

Depending on the material of the label, New Ocean will choose the appropriate hardware. In addition, New Ocean's software allows the system to store information and export reports in real time.

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Label quality check process:

Step 1: The product is loaded into the testing machine, the system will automatically separate each label separately.

Step 2: The label will be passed through the hardware system (Camera & Lighting). The system then proceeds to acquire high-speed images (bottom, top of the label). The image will be sent to the controller of the test system.

Step 3: New Ocean's image processing software will conduct comparative analysis to check the quality of the label. Make a pass or fail product decision to send a signal to the warning light product type mechanism

Step 4: Through the operation screen, the system can set the test parameters of the product. At the same time, you can view a detailed report of the system's test results.

3. Results achieved

  • Optimized the process of checking label quality. The label can be checked as soon as the label is printed.
  • The system is not dependent on external objective factors.
  • Real-time test system data information
  • User-friendly software easy to use.
  • Easily Export summary reports.
  • The system is capable of integrating with other existing systems of the factory.


  • Conduct a free Demo Test of the solution to experience the system and evaluate the results before making an investment decision.
  • Support consulting and selecting the right equipment for the system with the best price from the supplier.
  • Get technical support from New Ocean for the entire project from Demo to project completion

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