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Automatic label printing trend

Nowadays, printing and applying labels on finished packaging/ containers is indispensable for the purpose of helping users to directly identify and learn essential information such as product name, product code, batch number, manufacturing time, product size and weight, barcode, brand logo, quality certificates ... of the product before purchasing. In order to save time and optimize production costs, we tend to use a fully automated

To save time and optimize production costs. The integration trend uses technology to completely automate the print & apply solution instead of using a labeling machine (Dispenser). Combined with a label printer that works independently and requires human intervention to put the printed label into the sticker machine as before. print & apply solution instead of using a labeling machine (Dispenser). Together with a label printer that works independently and requires human intervention to put the printed label into the pasting machine as before.

Label printing technology (Labeler)

Compared with the technology of independent use of printers and labeling machines. Integrated printing and labeling technology (Labeler) is an efficient and highly productive solution because:

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- Highly synchronization with production systems, real-time printed information.

- Smart technology ensures the printing and applying according to high precision standards (300 dpi resolution) applicable on many types of products; guarantees the quality of the label clearly and intact in parallel, and increases the professionalism and reliability of the finished product.

- Maximization of saving production costs and print & apply process, limiting the probability of wrong and poor-quality labels. Thus, the percentage of defects will also be preserved at the lowest level.

- The number of printed and applied labels will always be the same, because the labeling mechanism will not operate if the printing mechanism has problems, or the labels are printed incorrectly, they will be printed and re-applied immediately.

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As one of the leading pioneers in research. Offering automation solutions to optimize production costs for factories, with the latest automatic printing - labeling solution. will support enterprises through the process of survey, evaluation and consulting. Specifically recommending hardware-appropriate solutions. Software programs follow industry standards for printing and labeling.

In addition, all the solutions and products provided by New Ocean have the ability to integrate with the Vision System to easily check the quality of print & apply process, hence it can quickly confirm the successful process, and immediately discard products with no labels or misprinted labels.

Some Print and Apply solutions are provided by New Ocean:

- Print and Apply solutions on pallets/ crates/ packaging products

- In thẻ nhựa RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

- Direct thermal and thermal transfer printing

- Solution for printing - labeling A4

- Solution in front, back, top, bottom, side panels, 90-degree curved surface.

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