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Control System Integration


1. Q: What is system integrator?
    A: Control system integrators design and implement sophisticated control systems for manufacturing, process and other industrial facilities. Using their knowledge of engineering, information technology, and business, control system integrators integrate plant equipment and to automate manufacturing and processes from the plant -floor to the enterprise level. Automation helps manufacturers and processors reduce cost, increase production, use less energy and lower environmental impact.

2. Q: What are the benefits of using a control system integrator?
    A: Control system integrators can complete a project that some companies may put off because of time or a staff's lack of expertise. Control system integrators offer much more than refined technical skills. They are engineers and skilled technicians who bring a depth of knowledge as problem solvers. They are able to look at control systems from a variety of perspectives based on hundreds of past successes. Control system integrators have the experience to make the right call.

3. Q: Which standard is used to develope the solutions? How we integrate our global standard with your standard?
    A: Currently, we use the international standard system applied for many plants such as S88, ISO 13849-1. 

4. Q: How is the certified system integrator different ?
    A: Certified system integrator is awarded by our partners such as Schneider Electrics, Rockwell Automation. We provides training and certification opportunities for SI Partners and encourages customers to require that their preferred Partners gain the highest levels of expertise and certification. We are best-in-class in providing  customers with comprehensive and complex solutions that increase customers’ operational efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize profits.