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HMI/PLC Programming Course


Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) and Human Machine Interface(HMI) is a hands-on intensive proram consiting of numerous practical applications on Discrete and Analog control, VFD, and Process Control and HMI Configuration. it will assist you in are recommended for people who have an electrical background.


1.  Objective

  • To determine that the signal of the ‘suspected’ unit will show at the correct PLC input / output. To install and to start the programming software.
  • To make the internal I/O status of the signal visible:
    • to call the ‘suspected’ section in the program;
    • to make timer and counter files visible.
  • The maintenance engineer must be able to read the documentation, understand the structure of the PLC and be aware of the most commonly used PLC instructions.
  • To make links or to develop connections that changes the program conditions. Programming a counter and time measurement is desirable.
  • To make a backup of the changes made to the program. The maintenance engineer should also be capable of making an (original) backup of the program and be able to load it into the PLC.


          2.   Attendee
                         This training is targeted to commissioning and maintenance personnel, production managers, operators, process and
                         application engineers.
         3.   Course Content 
                   The following lessons will be followed
                             + Hardware of the Allen Bradley SLC500 / PLC5
                             + I/O electric connections for various modules
                             + Rack grouping
                             + Developing, monitoring & documentation software
                       Lesson 2
                             + General features of the Allen Bradley PLC family
                             + IEC 1131 'compliant' software structure
                             + Ladder software and editing
                       Lesson 3
                             + The RSlogix 5 / 500 programming package
                             + Connecting the PLC and starting up the software
                             + Selecting the PLC correct program
                             + Help functions
                             + Programming instructions
                        Lesson 4
                             + To copy, to change and to store the PLC-programs
                             + Fault finding
                             + Off-line & On-line mode
                             + Monitoring and modifying data variables
                             + Forcing variables
                             + Cross references
                             + Software documentation
                             + Using trends and data monitors
                        Lesson 5
                             + Up- and downloading programs
                             + Writing, testing, and documenting a PLC-program
                             + Identifying data and data types and interpreting the different formats
           4.  Course type and methods
                            This is an instructor led course with interactive classroom discussions and associated lab exercises. Approximately 50%
                             of the course is hands-on lab activities.

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