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Insight Camera Course


Insight camera class is an intensive class of the inspection applications in manufacturing. This class also provide engineers the basics needed to read a large variety of easy and difficult tools with Insight camera and apply the inspection tools due to our demo presentation and software integration. This course is designed for 1 intensive day.  


1.  Objective

  • User understand the inspection applications in manufacturing field.
  • Capable use the inspection tools, which provides the highest read rates of measurement, guiding applications in robot, packaging machine....
  • Have an overview of linescan feature


          2.   Attendee
This training is targeted to commissioning and maintenance personnel, production managers, operators, process and
                         application engineers.
         3.   Course Content 
                   The following lessons will be followed
Lesson 1: Overview of Inspection System
                             + Inspection functions in industrial manufacturing
                             + Case studies
                       Lesson 2: Insight Camera Feature 
                             + General features of Linescan
                             + Hardware & software advantage 
                             + Insight Explorer & Tools
                       Lesson 3: Integration & Troubleshooting
                             + Integrating Ethernet-based Industrial Handheld ID Readers into your Factory Network
                             + Data collection to PLC/HMI
                             + Troubleshooting
           4.  Course type and methods
                            This is an instructor led course with interactive classroom discussions and associated lab exercises. Approximately 50%
                             of the course is hands-on lab activities.

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