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Project Management


1. Q: What skills do we own to provide the successful project ?
    A:  We provide manufacturers with a skilled team that can tackle anything from leading a large-scale integration effort for a new process, retrofitting obsolete control systems, or developing an innovative automated approach to an old problem. New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions also provide ongoing service, support, and maintenance for your automated systems. Making sure project risk is managed goes beyond the raw talent of the engineers involved. 

2. Q: Which task include in project management?
    A: In project management, New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions implement the project from the beginning to the final stage of projects including:
  • Scope Verification and Change Control
  • Schedule Control
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Control
  • Performance Reporting
  • Risk Control
  • Contract Administration
  • Complete Monitoring and Controlling Phase Review
3. Q: How do customers manage their project?
    A: Project Manager from New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions will take responsibility for all project management tasks from project verification to SAT, FAT to ensure the project will be on time at high performance.