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Training Program

 New Ocean Manufacturing Solutions  is certified system integratorto offer the training programs for automation professionals. Industry professionals, whether an experienced engineer, practicing technician, or newcomer to the industry, can hone their skills.  


1. Q: How many training courses which engineers could join? 
    A: Please see our training course here 

2. Q: How many engineers/course will join?
    A: About 10 engineers/class, if you would like to register 12-15 engineers/class, we prefer to organize a different class for your plant. 

3. Q: How can I register for a training course?
    A: To register for a training course please complete and submit the registration form by filling this form here. We will send an email acknowledgement and further information to the email address you specify on the form.

4. Q: What can I do with the course materials after my class ends?
    A: All course manuals, handouts, DVDs, and software provided to students during  courses are intended only for the student attending the training course. You may continue to use the materials for your own reference; however, you may not share, distribute, post, or duplicate these materials with others for any reason.