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Cap Inspection

Cap inspectionIn filling industry, beside bottle quality, the cap quality also play an important role. Understand the affect of cap defect, New Ocean develop a cap inspection system, which can detect and reject all bad cap and cap defective bottle.

Cap Inspection System

New Ocean Cap Inspection System use the image processing technology in automatedly detecting all visual defect on product. The smart algorithm developped by New Ocean will analyze images, captured by industrial camera that installed directly on production line, and detect all under-standard product without intervention of human.

Depend on factory condition, New Ocean Cap Inspection System can deploy the inspection on super highspeed line (above 60.000 pcs/hour) or on star-weel, without affect production process. With our flexible design, multi-camera can connet to one processor, which help cutting down investing cost. The same concept can apply with multi-line in some case.

Especially, New Ocean always welcome the new idea, customize our system to meet customer unique requirement.

All options:

New Ocean Cap Inspection System have a flexible design, including:

  • Communication: apply all industrial standard communication

  • Rejector or alarm is optional

  • With/ Without control Touch screen or Display screen is optional

  • Reporting is optional

Typical applications

Before cap closure:

  • Missing liner

  • Damaged Liner

  • Liner off-center

  • Wrong cap color

  • Damaged Tamperband

After cap closure:New Ocean Cap inspection system

  • Missing cap

  • Corked cap

  • Wrong cap color

  • Damaged cap

  • Damaged Tamperband

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